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tour. it seems as if he doesn't think america last -- has the moral authority to be the leader. so the u.n. moves forward and hillary and other members of the administration. france, ever think we would be following the french? france and great britain move forward. then he's forced into doing something he doesn't want to do. >> this is serious business. we are at war. war is about -- >> sean: no, this is a kinetic military action. >> yeah. kinetic scope limited man caused disaster. the point about it is that war is about will. you've got to know what the end game is. you not to know your war aims. multi-lateral war mongering saps at will. this feels like that business in 1991 where we had the world's most perfect multi-lateral coalition at the end saddam hussein was still in power, regarded as the guy who stood up to the great satan and still standing in the end. if gadhafi is still in power in a month this communicates nothing other than american weakness. >> sean: a i agree. how could this be about winning when he said last night, america's role is limited. we are own on the fro
but apologize for america, literally since he's been in office. now he's in a position where he has to be the commander in chief and it is just beyond him. he did the same in his speech at west point when he announced the surge less than what general petraeus asked for and announce add end date this summer this is the same problem. if you try to please everyone, you will end up pleasing no one. >> sean: this is a problem. if the center of gravity, in other words in terms of world leadership, is now because of america's failure or america gives it up, and is now shifted to europe, if they now make those decisions if the president doesn't go to congress, there are angry liberal congressmen about this, but goes to the united nations and he basically uses them as his justification, and doesn't seem to have the real commitment, it seems he doesn't really believe that america's place in the world ought to be one of moral leadership. fundamentally, what message does that send the world? >> think of what he said today. he basically said today, i'm paraphrasing, he says, if there's a people
this week. what he means is i'm getting america into war but i'm getting it out within a week. what he means is we are getting out by relinquishing command. that's the worst possible way to do it. you want unity of command and it ought to come from the leading power, that's us. up until now that's how the on has run. on the ground it has been effective. now the idea is to shift it to nato, 28 christmas to go by consensus. which means any member can have a veto and run a war this that way. it can be done. terrible way to do it. >> sean: i want to go back to the idea that he wants to relinquish expand get out as quickly as possible. he doesn't seem to care about winning. is the only explanation i can think of why they keep shifting. gadhafi has to go. maybe not. maybe we'll nation build, create a democracy. maybe not. winning, if you are going to be engaged in a military effort, shouldn't that be the wayne goal? >> that's why i think it is about structure and appearances. that's such a detached ivy league approach. what the administration has said is the u.s. objective is that gadhafi has to g
president obama's views on the tea party in america has been exposed.ç stunning excerpts from a new book reveal the president's belief that racism was in fact a deep seated motivation of the movement. the absurd assessment can be found in family of freedom, presidents and african-americans in the white house. according to the book at a private white house dinner in may of 2010 the president explained that race was wobbly a key component in the rising opposition to his presidency from conservatives, especially right wing activists in the tea party movement. rather than dispute that notion, president obama agreed and reportedly called racism the subterranean agenda of the movement. without a shred of evidence the president has no problem labeling the tea party as racist. in recent years he's been quick to if forgive racially insensitive remarks made by some on the left. remember when joe biden said this. >> sean: not long after that statement was made, all was forgiven. when it was revealed that harry reid once refered to mr. obama as a light-skinned african-american with no negro dialect.
america, gun-toting. doesn't this sound like obama saying they cling to guns and religion. >> all this stuff about the tea partiers, americans, evangelicals, that's a typical day at the white house. what no one seems to be talking about was, these guys who came and in the fantastic james o'keefe video and said they were part of the muslim brotherhood in america. wait, a second, npr was going to take five million dollars from the muslim brotherhood, a terrorist organization. what if they were sitting down with al-qaeda? i think we need the fbi to investigate npr and their agreement to take five million dollars from a terrorist organization, operating in america. >> sean: let me go to this one tape where this was vivian, i believe -- no i'm sorry an npr executive. they used to describe themselves as national palestinian radio. let's roll this tape. >> sean: that was the ron schiller one. the pro-zionist view that they own the newspapers, obviously. playing into a false narrative caricature and anti-semitic view. >> of course it is anti-semitic. he's sitting with who he thinks are me
. as much as i understand there's passion in america that's great. in the end, i believe that those at least some of those state senators will come back. if we fail to pass this bill tuesday we lose 165 million dollars worth of savings. if we continue down that path we start seeing lay-offs. >> sean: tomorrow the governor plans to layout his budget proposal. as officials begin to prep the capitol, protesters are refusing to leave the building. as those on the left continue to obstruct the democratic process a new narrative is emerging out of wisconsin. even the "washington post" is acknowledging this is not about unions versus scott walker. the paper makes it clear this is now about government workers versus american taxpayers. to be sure this is a battle that unions cannot win. with analysis the author with his wife of the new book which hits bookstores tomorrow, it is called "revolt how to defeat obama" dick morris is back. i think the best book you have -- book you have written. it continues to go on and now the liberal media gets it right. the taxpayers who foot the bill for these benefi
to transform america. you are in many ways saying you want to transform america. >> i think president obama wants to change america into a different country. i want to renew the american dream that all of us are endowed by our creator with certain alien able rights. we have the right to pursue happiness. i want to make sure everybody has a chance to create wealth. if somebody hasn't create it you can redistribute it. i saw him today talking about how no school is going to fail. the sad fact is, his administration backs things like the new york city union which wants to fire the 5,000 most newest most aggressive, most energetic, most dedicated teachers on behalf of mediocrity. i think we ought to be clear, if you want people not to fail you better have a standard of measuring success. you better have a standard of encouraging people to do their best. the president unfortunately backs bureaucracies that guarantee we are not going to you can seed. >> sean: we you have -- we you have a 14 trillion debt by the time the next president gets in it will be around 18 trillion, how do you with numbers
. the president seems uncomfortable with america's position as world leaders.÷ wih our military strength that the world has and continues to look to america and lead in situations like this. he seems to want no part of that leadership. what do you think is the thinking behind that? i've all ref to him as radil. do you think it is connected? >> i mean, i'm an psychiatrist, but i don't play one on tv. what i wod say is. civilians, looks horrible on tv or atrocities on our side, the rebels will come in it reduces the like of the united states. that's a fantasy. everybody knows that we are the lead nation. everyone knows if we hadn't acted there would have been no action at all. everyone knows it is our command, our control, our pilots, our technology which is the dominant one. it is a farce pretending that we are in the background. i think that's part of his reasoning. he doesn't want us to be culpable or liable. or if we don't succeed and the rebels are overwhelmed it considered an american defeat. also a fantasy. >> sean: if we are not the leader, i don't think we should be there. i think
two weeks we get more cuts. >> that's tough to say. it is destroying america. it is not a coincidence that gold hit an all-time high today. >> sean: what is it? >> it is nearing $1500 an ounce. record high our currency continues to devalue. this is a growing problem. american people have acknowledged it. we are not doing anything about it. >> sean: are we showing the world that we are now trying to get ahold of our debt? >> we are destroying america run out of control debt. skyrocketing deficits. the debt ceiling -- if we start paying down interest it will be larger than discretional spending. the real win is that for these two weeks, they were able to cut two billion dollars out of spending. not decrease the growth of government. four billion dollars in two weeks of continuing the government. that's a lot of money. >> sean: four billion here and there, i'll take it. here's the problem, people don't realize this is last year's budget. they had a democratic house and senate and democratic president, they weren't responsible enough to pass a budget. now we are doing this. why is this ba
was anything about an exit strategy. nor did he say what america's role will be, if and when gadhafi is removed from power. here to help us break down the presidential address dick morris is with us. i want to put up on the screen the words of president obama. he can read a teleprompter, he can give a speech, 31 days later this is what he said. he said the president does not have the power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation. now vice president biden. i think through the prism of what they said, we've got to judge their comments tonight. >> the president has no constitutional authority to take this nation to war against a country of 70 million people. unless we are attacked or there is proof that we are about to be attacked. if he does, if he does, i would move to impeach him. >> sean: that was libya about to attack us? >> 26 million is more like it in iraq. i think clearly he needed to go to congress. if he ever went to congress and president obama was senator obama he would
, decent what america is about. people should not be coming into the state trying to intimidate, offer up threats, that's not the way it is done. again, our lawmakers stood up to those thuggery an being fast. we are not going to allow that here. the people who work for state and local government have been decent and i respect them throughout this process. the people coming from other states that -- don't belong here. hopefully they will move on. >> sean: state senator carpenter said this was the pearl harbor of workers' rights. a sneak attack in the middle of the night this began february 17th. did research, and fox news was reporting senate democrats acknowledged that you could pass any item that doesn't spend state money in their absence in terms of the legality of this, this was always available to you. why did you wait three weeks? >> in fact, ironically, the person that ran against me for governor, the mayor of milwaukee suggested doing this the other day on one of our local and state radio programs. the irony is, we waited to allow the process to work through. we tried to work to fi
are the rib libyan rebels america is supporting? the anti-qadhafi rebels have direct ties to al-qaeda. andy mccarthy at national review on sign cites a french report that has libyan rebels shouting now the time of jihad has arrived. rolling stone saying al-qaeda records indicate libya's rebel groups may have facilitated the murder of american soldiers in iraq. nearly 20% of for fighters in iraq were libyans on a per capita basis, libya doubled saudi arabia as top source of foreign fighters. it is safe to say these are not the people american should be supporting abroad. the president is facing a growing outcry for not seeking permission from congress before authorizing these attacks. in 2007 he told the boston globe, "the president does not have the power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." that is a far cry from what the president said yesterday. >> the president: the core principle that has to be upheld here is that when the entire international community, almost unanimou
, as a friend. i want to start with what we played first. well, they are basically believe white middle america gun-toting, it is scary, they are seriously racist people. >> they are. >> sean: that's what he's saying about middle america. i don't want to bring obama into this. it reminded me of people clinging to their guns and religion with an antipathy towards other people. it sounded like that to me. >> these people are so rude andsd,v condescending they say people like me are bigots because i tell you what i feel. these folks are not only attack the tea party as anti-intellectual and racist and bias. they attack anybody that guess with their point of view. this elitist, npr point of view at that time rest of us are dummies from the country, we don't understand what going on. he thinks we lack education. and only his group up there, executive floor of npr really understand. these folks are doing damage, sean to real good journal lists at npr the people who gather the news. because they are destroying the bran. these people are destroying npr. >> sean: juan, you were one of them. tonight's o
of the most pressing issues of our time. over america's economic situation and fears over the growing crisis in the mideast have pushed president obama's approval rating to an all time low. according to a new quinnipiac poll, voters disapprove of the job that the president is doing. 48-42 president. with support across the political spectrum crumbling no question 2012 is official in play. 50% of those polled say the president does not deserve a second term. that nine point gap is the largest since he took office in january of 2009. if the election were held today an unnamed republican challenger would defeat our incumbent president+zz7v by one percentage point. more alarming is that more americans disapprove than approve of the president's handling of the following situations: libya, budget and deficit, economy, foreign policy in general, health care, afghanistan and energy. that is every single individual issue included in this poll. here to help break down all of these numbers, juan williams, the host of varney kp company, stuart varney. good to see you. juan, not looking good poll-wise fo
on the head. he doesn't believe america's role ought to be the leadership role. maybe somehow we don't have moral authority to be leading. how else do you explain him telegraphing that we're not going to send boots on the ground. that we have no intention of enforcing our threat that gadhafi is going to be removed. >> that was a big mistake. whatever our ultimate intention in terms of ground forces. i think there's a lingering problem that could get worse. his willingness to allow americans to be put unforeign command. not since world war i americans first entry under the european stage have we been ultimate the command. foreigners. we've had interwoven commands in other battles. he has said casually foreigners are going to command this in the next few days. i think that is something congress ought to debate. there's an issue of national security in putting our young men and women unforeign command. >> sean: would you advise against it? >> absolutely. >> sean: if he is going to do that we ought not have a role at all, am i right? >> i still think we need to get rid of gadhafi. we cannot all
states of america. >> he he wouldn't have time to go to the bathroom. from the communication standpoint remember what they've done. today he did three interviews with regional news outlets. in key battle ground states for 2012. they are starting early. he still has yet to do an interview with nhk which is japan. how reassuring it would be for the japanese to hear from the president now. in january, when representative gabrielle giffords was shot, that morning president obama put out a photograph from him in the white house situation room, even after we knew it was lone gunman, the situation room? saturday their only communications was a radio address on the paycheck fairness act taped days before and his video of him playing golf. >> what concerns me, this is obviously a huge setback for nuclear energy. it may have set it back for many years. >> sean: i'm not sure. >> i hope you are right i think it is pretty safe. if we are not going to have nuclear energy because a lot of democrats on the hill today said that's the end of nuclear energy. we are not drilling, coal, natural gas they don
if america's most prescribed ed treatme >> sean: tonight on our great american panel, al d'amato is back. former chairwoman and chief executive officer of playboy enterprise, christie hefner is back. former nfl running back tiki barber is here. good to see you all. we are talking sports on the break. >> talking tennis. >> sean: i'm sorry, i'm not a running back. i throw you the football you caught it. >> was that a dream for you? >> sean: oh man, come on. let me start with charlie shouldn't. i'm not going to reveal. i had a couple of e-mail exchanges with him today. very interesting to me, because what the media builds up, the media wants to knock -- they want this guy down on his fate in the mud and say i told you so. he's given some interviews fairly controversial. >> are you embarrassed that your children will read about this? >> no an education. this and that's the guy and he's our dad and we can get the answers and the truth, wow, winning. it is how you perceive it. i'm tired of pretending that i'm not special and i'm not a rock star from mars. they can process me. i don't expect th
looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: is america at war with libya? the obama administration says no. we asked colonel north and john bolton if that is the case. >> time for the weekly break down of the obamamania mainstream media bias. >> bush would have gotten more barbecued for this. >> sean: this week the libya edition. spite criticism from both parties did obama go far enough in libya? senator mccain says he can go farther. he's here with advice for the anointed one. >> more reaction over louis farrakhan's tirade on the anointed one. >> who the hell, do you think you are? >> sean: reverend sparp ton responds. we are on the road to 2012. >> this is a fox news alert. secretary of state clinton announced this evening nato will take control of military operations in libya. -- >> we have agreed with long with our nato allies to transition command and control for the no-fly zone over libya to nato. all 28 allies have also now authorized military authorities to develop an operations plan for nato to take on the broader civilian protection mission, unre
-americans to the history, culture, civil rights and economy of america, we are literally, during this month, debating steps that will severely undercut and undermine that legacy. >> sean: i think she's got it backwards. if we burden our kids with unsustainable debt for the rest of their lives we are robbing them of their shot of the american dream. >> i understand the political game being played with this specific quote. i think the race card is unfounded this is more of a socio-economic that should be going on. >> sean: poignant this during black history month. >> i understand what she is saying. i think she is wrong. >> sean: wait a minute, listen, every child in america is going to be burred with this debt in this deficit. they are going to spend their entire lives paying this back. >> yes. the deficit a huge problem for the next generation. while i don't think it needed to be put in a racial context. there is a point that needs to be may. as we are making decisions about how to cut and what to cut we have to think about the differences between investments and costs. moody's today said that if we went w
cents of every dollar spent in america, made in america this is where we are today. when my kids are my age, 40 cents of every dollar will be needed just to keep the current government an threat. with no new programs, no new spending. double the taxes just to maintain the status quo. >> the reason why that's perfect. washington has made promises it cannot keep. it frustrates people. they don't want to be told something that is not true. he focuses on wasteful washington spending the single greatest anger the american people have. number three, the failure is going to affect your children and the next generation. one, two, three, language perfection. >> sean: okay this is only the beginning of this message many they are going to unveil their budget in april. now let's go to the other side. harry reid, democrats as you know are saying, well we might be able to find six or 10 billion dollars in cuts. 3.7 trillion dollar budget. harry reid calls for a compromise. let's see how that message went over. >> i would hope they would understand what the constitution is all about. the constitution
america's west coast be the site of the next big quake? alarming video of what that could look like. first very latest on phone shall nuclear melt down some fear could be imminent at this power plant. that and more as our coverage continues. [ male announcer ] things seem 30% better when you save 30% on beach vacations at travelocity. umbrellas! little umbrellas! spf i'm in heaven! i'm going to be as red as a lobster. [ male announcer ] save 30% on beach vacations at travelocity. [ gnome ] it's go time. just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies. more passion for the one ya love. more fun with your family and friends. it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. come on, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. >> sean: tonight fears of a catastrophic meltdown at a japanese power plant are rising in the wake of the quake a series of explosions crippled efforts to reduce
reducing spending will equal better environment for job creators to create job in america. we've done our job. the senate says we have a plan. well great, pass the damn thing! send it over here and let's have real negotiations instead of sitting over there rooting for a government shutdown. >> sean: rooting for a shutdown is what the democrats appear to be doing behind closed doors. as you heard, prior to a conference call chuck schumer was overheard plotting with fellow democrats on how they can demonize speaker boehner and the tea party. that is what those on the left are spending their time doing. honest negotiation doesn't seem to be part of their game plan. joining me with the latest fox news contributor, nina easton and margaret hoover. good to see you. >> thanks for having us. >> sean: howard dean quietly rooting for the shutdown. schumer has a plan, republicans are extreme. one report tonight if the republicans that there might be a deal around 33 billion. i contend if they do that they will have lost all credibility with the people that voted them into office. >> even after serie
in the world. >> sean: shep reporting from japan. thanks. >> >> sean: could america's west coast be the site of the next big quake? we have alarming video of what that catastrophe could look like. first the latest on the potential nuclear meltdown that some fear would be imminent at this japanese power plant. that and more as our coverage continues. announcer ] to the 5:00 a. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspireby you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where u want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. ♪ >> sean: tonight fears of a catastrophic meltdown at a japanese power plant are rising in the wake of the quake a series of explosions crippled efforts to reduce the temperature in the reactors. the latest explosion occurred over an hour ago. seawater is being used to cool the rods. monday night the water level dropped and the rods were exposed. this poses serious health risks and increases the chances of a melt done. we learned crewmembers of the uss reagan
of tech tonic plates from south america, throughout the united states and over to japan. three plates all converged. and that afternoon, off the northeast coast of japan a terrifying rumble from deep inside earth. japan rocked by a massive earthquake. buildings shook. >> 8.9 quake, the government confirming 17 deaths so far. >> we're getting more as we're speaking to you now. and if you're just joining us, reports didn't grasp the magnitude of the destruction. >> we've heard quite a bit from the prime minister, urging people just to help each other now. he said the quake did cause major damage in a lot of areas but one thing they're worried about is that nuclear power plants. he said so far those were not affected and there is no radiation leaks. that is certainly a little bit of good news in all of of this. >> 4,000 miles away, the state of hawaii went into high alert. >> we've evacuated everything out of it. filing cabinets, computers and everything. we're boarding up windows. >> i am concerned. >> let's go to fred live in the newsroom. fred? >> we've been monitoring the situation not o
on the ring of fire, a dangerous series of tectonic plates circling the pacific ocean from south america through the united states over to japan where three plates all converge. and that afternoon, off japan's northeast coast a terrifying rumble from deep inside earth. >> japan was rocked by a massive earthquake. buildings shook. people ran outside to open spaces. >> an 8.9 magnitude quake the government confirming at least 17 dead so far. >> again, we are getting more as we are speaking to you right now. if you are just joining us. >> early reports didn't grasp the magnitude of destruction. >> we have heard from the prime minister urging people to just be patient and to help each other right now. he said that the quake did cause major damage in a lot of areas but one thing they were worried about was their nuclear power plants and he said that so far those were not affected and that there was no radiation leaks. and that is certainly a little bit of good news in all of this. >> attention, this is an emergency management message. >> 4,000 miles away in the pacific the state of hawaii wen
playing] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you. >> the events unfolding in japan incidents actually appear to be more serious than three mile island. to what extent we don't know now. as they are unfolding rapidly on an hour by hour, day-by-day basis and there are conflicting reports. so we don't know in detail what is happening. >> sean: that was energy secretary stephen chu today. he wasn't up able to answer the question people want to know, how bad is the nuclear situation in japan? on that question there seems to be disagreement. radiation levels rose around the fukushima plant in the wake of explosions and fires inside these reactors. reports indicate the containment vessels are likely damaged the ones that prevent radioactive material from spreading. others say these fears are over blown and japan has the situation under control. here with analysis on how serious the nuclear threat facing japan i
of the things i've always said i'm frustrated with all the political instability in the mideast that america is not using its own resources. i keep saying i'm all of the above guy. i'm all for all of doug's liberal friends that want to develop new technology for the future but it dent exist today in the meantime we have one -- but it doesn't exist today in the meantime we have hundred plus years of our own oil. france gets 70, 80% of their power in nuclear power. i wonder if this is going to be used for political purposes by people who have not wanted nuclear power in the united states. >> of course it is. with the democratic party there is no other way. i think we do have to move towards energy independence. and some of the regulations that the president has put through has crippled our ability to become independent. >> sean, this is a case for bipartisanship. you are right in your conclusion. we need every and all source of energy to be independent. we can't did it by bashing democrats or republicans. we have to cooperate. >> sean: i'm looking down the line. it is so frustrating to me i th
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